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Complaints Management Policy

Handling complaints

Information regarding National Bank Investments Inc. client complaints

National Bank Investments Inc. (NBI) clients who are not satisfied with a product or investment service have the right to lodge a complaint and to request that their issue be resolved. NBI will make sure that each of these complaints is dealt with in a fair and efficient manner.

To file a complaint, proceed as follows:


First level

Go to your business unit directly, or contact your unit's Compliance Officer by telephone, mail or e-mail. If they are unavailable, call the National Bank Investments Investor Advisory Services at 1-888-270-3941.


Second level

Contact National Bank's Office of the Ombudsman:

P.O. Box 275
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 3G7
Telephone No.: 1-888-300-9004

For additional information on the NBI complaint management procedure, please refer to one of the following documents:

Quebec : Policy for Handling Complaints and Disputes

Rest of Canada : Summary of National Bank Investments Inc. Complaint Procedure