Global Real Assets: Making the case for infrastructure investing

17 December 2019 by National Bank Investments
Glass Box Series

For yield-starved investors, listed infrastructure can offer the best of many worlds, says Jim Lydotes, fund manager, Mellon Investment Management

As the US looks to ramp up spending on everything from highways to hospitals, Jim Lydotes, manager of the NBI Global Real Assets Income strategy, examines the benefits of investing in listed infrastructure. “In our view,” he says, “those adding exposure to physical assets through listed infrastructure equities should participate in the upside from rising global demand. By doing so, we think investors could also benefit from some of the defining characteristics of listed infrastructure: broad correlation to global equities with comparatively lower volatility and higher yields. “In the case of the NBI Global Real Assets Income strategy, a broader infrastructure opportunity set also helps augment some of the asset class’ attractive features.” 

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