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Investment solutions for diverse goals and profiles

National Bank Investments (NBI) offers a wide variety of investment products to help deliver the best possible solutions for their clients.

NBI Funds

This full range of mutual funds is managed by external portfolio managers seeking to provide risk-adjusted investment returns over the long term. Find out more about our fund categories:

  • Money Market Funds

  • Short-Term and Income Funds

  • Diversified Funds

  • Canadian Equity Funds

  • Global Equity Funds

  • Specialty Funds

  • Index Funds

NBI Exchange-Traded Funds

NBI exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide innovative portfolio and risk diversification opportunities. When markets are as complex as ever, staying invested is key. Whether you are seeking ways to help diversify investments or find opportunities in different markets and sectors, there is an ETF that can meet your needs.


  • NBI Global Real Assets Income ETF

  • NBI Liquid Alternatives ETF

  • NBI Canadian Family Business ETF

  • NBI Active Canadian Preferred Shares ETF

Meritage Portfolios®

Launched in 2006, Meritage Portfolios offer an objectively managed portfolio solution featuring mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Discover our Portfolios:

  • Meritage Strategic Portfolios

  • Meritage Tactical ETF Portfolios

Altamira NBI CashPerformer®  account

A flexible, accessible and valuable addition to the cash component of any diversified portfolio to grow savings at competitive interest rates until deciding where to invest.

Fixed rate GICs

In a highly competitive market, these valuable and flexible fixed-rate guaranteed investment certificates become an important part of any portfolio.


Contact your NBI Sales Representative via email or by phone at 1-877-463-7627