NBI Quebec Growth Fund

Investing in companies that energize the Quebec economy

Sub-advised by Corporation Fiera Capital

Investment overview

Key differentiators

  • The Fund is comprised of a diversified mix of companies selected without regard to market capitalization.

  • The portfolio includes a wide range of economic sectors.

  • Managers follow a high conviction stock selection strategy.

Why invest in this Fund?

  • Low exposure to the energy, materials, and financial services sectors differentiates it from traditional Canadian equity funds.

  • Its experienced management team specializes in the Quebec market and maintains close relationships with company executives.

  • Allows investors to participate in the growth of the Quebec economy.

About the portfolio sub-advisor

  • Fiera Capital Corporation is a leading-edge independent investment management firm and one of the largest portfolio managers in Canada.

  • The firm includes a total of 160 investment professionals with a dedicated team composed of 8 members, each specializing in one or two sectors.

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Advisor Series

F Series

NBI Quebec Growth Fund




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