NBI Global Equity Fund

Quality and high conviction on a global scale

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Sub-advised by PineStone Asset Management Inc. and Fiera Capital Corporation

Why NBI Global Equity Fund?

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Proven track record

The NBI Global Equity Fund has demonstrated a top-performing track record in its category since inception. The Fund is managed by a stable team of experienced industry specialists with extensive sector expertise and deep industry relationships.

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A methodic investment process

Analysts use the “Test of T.I.M.E” grid (Track record, Industry attractiveness, Management quality, Economic moat). This grid allows the evaluation to be standardized across geography and industry sectors, not limited to sectoral weights thought.

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High conviction and truly active

A core global equity offering with a high conviction approach and a low portfolio turnover resulting in a true active solution.

Investment overview 

The NBI Global Equity Fund seeks to provide sustainable outperformance from stock selection through a nimble approach to investing. The fund’s strategy focuses on a worldwide diversified, actively managed portfolio of high quality, growing companies with attractive valuations and a sustainable competitive advantage. Capital is reallocated appropriately based on conviction and risk/return potential. Developing a deep understanding of these companies and holding them for the long run is a key pillar in investment philosophy.

A Fund rewarded for its sustained performance


Morningstar® Rating
5 stars


FundGrade A+® Award

About the portfolio sub-advisors

Nadim Rizk founded PineStone Asset Management in 2021 and serves as the firm’s CEO, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager.  Previously, Mr. Rizk was the head of the Global Equity team and the Lead Portfolio Manager of the U.S., International and Global equity strategies at Fiera Capital.

Based in Montreal, PineStone Asset Management Inc. is a global equity manager founded in 2021 following a separation from a large independent asset manager.

The firm is 100% employee-owned and led by Nadim Rizk, a seasoned portfolio manager with over 25 years of experience.

Fiera Capital Corporation is one of Canada's leading investment managers

A total of 160 investment professionals with a dedicated team composed of 8 investment professionals, each specializing in one or two sectors

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