NBI Innovators Fund

Innovation: Opportunities driven by change

Sub-advised by J. P. Morgan Asset Management

Investment Overview

Innovation is everywhere and is at the forefront of today’s leading-edge businesses. These companies are consistently challenging the status quo to create long-term growth. The Fund’s strategy allows to gain an opportunistic advantage by investing in cutting-edge companies across all levels of growth, industry sectors and market capitalization.

The NBI Innovators Fund won a 2023 LSEG Lipper Fund Award in the Global Equity category.

Key Differentiators

  • Not just limited to technology. Take advantage of an unconstrained approach by investing in innovative companies in all market segments, styles, and growth profiles.

  • Access to young and leading innovators with a potential for high growth; that are driving change.

  • An actively managed portfolio led by a seasoned investment team within one of the most renowned asset managers in the world.

  • A rigorous risk management approach to help protect and optimize the portfolio.

Why invest in this Fund?

A full spectrum of Innovation

No limits. Invest broadly across all innovators in all industries in all stages of growth.

High conviction with the best ideas in innovation

A high conviction strategy that focuses on companies continuously promoting research and development in their business models that deliver shareholder returns.

Evaluating opportunities as trends evolve

A systematic risk management and sell discipline approach as business trends evolve.

The NBI Innovators Fund can explore all forms of today’s innovation

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High Growth

Young innovators driving change.

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Companies with solid track record of expanding opportunity set.

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Short product cycle or high fixed cost businesses.

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Stable and mature

Growth companies with dominance in a critical product.

About the portfolio sub-advisor

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is one of the largest asset and wealth managers in the world. As the asset management business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (“JPMC”) and its affiliates, J.P. Morgan Asset Management* (“JPMAM”) is a leading asset manager for individuals, advisors and institutions. Their investment professionals are located around the world, providing strategies that span the full spectrum of asset classes.

Based in New York, JPMAM has offices in more than 20 countries and teams network across 15 cities worldwide, connected through investment hubs in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

  • Assets under management of JPMC: US$3 trillion
  • Assets under management of JPMAM: US$1.7 trillion, including $US500 billion in fixed income securities
  • JPMAM investment professionals: 82 investment teams and over 1,100 investment professionals, with 280 across all segments of the global fixed income universe

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NBI Innovators Fund




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