Sustainable investing: combining progress and potential

01 April 2020 by National Bank Investments
NBI Monthly

Sustainable investments are so much more than just a product trend. It’s an investment philosophy that goes over and above crunching ROI projections.

Here’s why doing good for the planet means doing good for your portfolio, too.

Defining sustainable investing

Sustainable investing is about making responsible investment decisions that go beyond simply incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into an investment process. ESG used to be anchored in exclusion and reputational risk management. Its successor, however, is more firmly rooted in the sustainability of business models and value creation. Investing in progress through improved corporate processes is also in line with the belief that companies offering solutions to the world’s greatest challenges will grow faster than those that don’t.

Profits, planet and people

There has been a serious influx in the consideration of ESG factors over the last few years in Canada. This has challenged the financial industry to incorporate more robust data sets into their decision criteria when creating investment solutions. Evolving to a sustainable investment model – which encompasses profits, planet and people – goes a step further. Instead of simply peering into the next quarter, it’s more custom to look further down the road to the next years.

Examples of sustainable themes include:

Customer-driven needs

The sustainable investments trend is not only investors-driven; advisors are firm believers in the movement as well. Sustainable investing includes evidence-based criteria into portfolios while also taking a holistic snapshot of traditional financial statements to incorporate risk assessment. The result is that these evaluations better account for business risk. Furthermore, applying a sustainable filter to actively managed products allows us to align investment portfolios with client values.

The road ahead

The standards we’re establishing are crucial to laying down the road ahead: the onus is on the finance industry to build products that look to a better future.


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