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Active listening: A tool to better understand others

December 21, 2020 by Tanya Macpherson


podcast episode

Active listening is not about you, it’s about the person in front of you. It helps you understand your client, your colleagues and your loved ones. Ask open-ended questions to figure out what’s important to them. The goal is to get at the intent, the emotion and the important facts behind what they’re saying on the surface. Now you’ve got a wider perspective, because you understand not just your side but the other person’s as well. It makes you empathic.

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Tanya Macpherson

Tanya Macpherson

Regional Vice President, Central Canada

Tanya Macpherson Tanya Macpherson

Tanya Macpherson has worked in the investment industry for over 18 years and currently holds the position of Regional Vice President of Central Canada for National Bank Investments. In this role she is responsible for the central Canadian sales team for both external distribution and internal banking.   Prior to Joining National Bank, Tanya has had a successful career in sales having worked at BMO Global Asset Management as well as a boutique mutual fund company and a large insurance firm. Tanya holds an honours degree in Environmental Politics and Geography from Brock University.


Annamaria Testani

Annamaria Testani

Vice-President, National Sales of National Bank Investments

Annamaria Testani Annamaria Testani

Annamaria Testani is Senior Vice-President, National Sales of National Bank Investments Inc. since June 2012. She has almost 20 years of investment experience and has held increasingly important leadership positions in various management and business development functions. She is a proactive agent of change related to different aspects of sales, National Accounts and marketing. Recognized as a determined person who successfully contributes to improving business development, she consistently achieves results that exceed expectations. An accomplished speaker and leadership coach, she has made it her mission to help women recognize, articulate and act on their greatest strengths and to help National Bank develop a more inclusive culture.

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