ETF opportunities in today’s markets

October 18, 2022 with Daniel Straus

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In this episode, we talk to Daniel Straus, Director and Head of National Bank Financial’s ETF Research and Strategy Group, about the Canadian ETF landscape and recent market conditions. With the end of 2022 in sight, what are some of the ETF strategies investors can use? Also, a quick discussion on tax loss harvesting and upcoming trends in the ETF space. Consult our expert’s analysis.

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Martin Lefebvre

Martin Lefebvre

Chief Investment Officer and Strategist, National Bank Investments

Martin Lefebvre Martin Lefebvre

Martin is the Chief Investment Officer of National Bank Investments responsible for the development investment soclutions and the management of tactical asset allocation mandates. With over 20 years of experience in financial markets, Martin also managed the portfolio management team at Private Banking 1859.


Daniel Straus

Daniel Straus

Director, ETFs & Financial Products Research, National Bank of Canada Financial Markets

Daniel Straus Daniel Straus

Daniel Straus heads National Bank Financial’s ETF Research & Strategy group, which focuses on providing both institutional and retail investors with value-add and actionable investment research relating to Exchange-Traded Funds. The group regularly publishes street-leading reports on the ETF landscape in Canada and the U.S., including theme pieces, flow reports, model portfolios, trade ideas, and strategy reports. Their ETF research has been regularly featured in media outlets such as BNN, National Post, Bloomberg TV, Les Affaires, and the Globe and Mail. Daniel joined National Bank’s ETF Research group as a research associate in 2010 and was promoted to Director in 2020. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto, a Ph.D. in Engineering from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and a Master of Finance degree from the Schulich School of Business.