Fixed income: Strategies in a slowing economy

January 23, 2024 with Sébastien Rhéaume

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“We'd be surprised to see that the Fed would cut [rates] that much in 2024 given that there's some stickiness in the service inflation,” says Sébastien Rhéaume of AlphaFixe Capital. In this new NBI Podcast, he discusses fixed income strategies in the context of slowing economies, rate cuts, market expectations, the possibility of a recession and other key topics.

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Martin Lefebvre

Martin Lefebvre

Chief Investment Officer and Strategist, National Bank Investments

Martin Lefebvre Martin Lefebvre

Martin is the Chief Investment Officer of National Bank Investments responsible for the development investment soclutions and the management of tactical asset allocation mandates. With over 20 years of experience in financial markets, Martin also managed the portfolio management team at Private Banking 1859.


Sébastien Rhéaume

Sébastien Rhéaume

Managing Director, AlphaFixe Capital Inc.

As one of the founding partners of AlphaFixe Capital, Sébastien is responsible of portfolio management and strategy development. Working in the investment industry since 1991, he specializes in Canadian fixed income. Before founding AlphaFixe Capital, he served as Vice President, Corporate Bonds, at Addenda Capital. In addition, he worked at CDP Capital Communications as Director, Telecommunication investments, after working in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and audit. CPA and CFA charterholder, Sébastien has a degree in Public Accountancy from McGill University where he also completed his Bachelor of Commerce.